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Examples (VAT 24% included):

  • for building a desktop computer (labor, parts excluded), 149€*

    parts (high quality components and computer case but without graphic and sound card, floppy, cd/dvd drive (simple office pc without Windows Operating System) ~ 600€*). Total price is 749€.
    *payment has to be done before the build starts

  • installing operating system (Windows, Linux), 25€. Windows require a license which costs about 120€ (Home version).

  • for creating a basic website with about five pages, 119€*. You will send us the material you want to have in the pages… text, images, videos, documents.
    *add about 60€ per year for one domain name ( and web hosting (= renting space on a server for your files).
    *extended functionality will change the final price

  • setting up a basic discussion forum, 249€*.
    *add about 60€ per year for one domain name ( and web hosting (= renting space on a server for your files)
    *extended functionality will change the final price

  • a simple but fully functional e-commerce website in one language (English, Swedish or Finnish) where you can sell your physical or virtual products, price from 798€ (including one domain name and basic level of storage).

    More functionality will have impact on the final price, also a site with two languages will raise the price. Included in the price is two hours of learning how to administrate the system.

  • cloning a hard drive (when you want to upgrade your computers hard drive from a smaller/slower to a bigger/faster), 60€ + the price of the new hard drive. Because of tehnical reasons and to avoid future issues, we recommend that the new hard drive is equal or bigger in size than your present drive.

    example: your old mechanical hard drive storage capacity is 256 GB. If to clone the content of it to a modern SSD hard drive with a storage of 480 GB, you will have more space for your data and the speed of the new hard drive is about five times faster compared to your old drive. Price for this will be 60€ (work fee) + 55€ for the SSD drive (Kingston 480GB A400), so a total price of 115€ (24% tax included).

    We are not offering any kind of service involving software for administrating your computer on distance (TeamViewer and similar software). This is because the bad reputation this kind of software have got because of bandits trying to get control over your computer. Your privacy is number one priority for us.

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